Commercial Septic Systems | Cypress and Magnolia, Texas and All Cities in counties surrounding Harris County.

Commercial Septic Systems

If you own a restaurant, office building, convenience store, housing development, or any other commercial building near Cypress, Texas or Magnolia, Texas is not serviced by the city or a municipal sewage system, you will need to have a functioning commercial septic system. These commercial septic systems are different from septic systems designed for a personal residence in several key ways.

Commercial septic systems are designed and installed by Abracadabra Septic and Pumping, LP to handle a larger waste stream than residential ones. It’s vital that these systems can handle the large amount of waste that commercial buildings produce. They also must be able to handle a larger variety of waste. A restaurant, for example, will need a septic system that can handle waste such as food, greases, fats, oils, disinfectants and more. A system must be properly designed to deal with this type of waste to avoid damaging the drain field. Otherwise, some waste, especially fats, oils and greases, can start to accumulate within the soil of the drain field.

Different Components of Commercial Septic Systems

There are also some differences in the components of commercial septic systems. Because drain fields cannot absorb a lot of grease without leading to a fail or overflow, many state regulations require commercial systems to have grease traps, especially systems that are installed in businesses that deal with food. These traps allow grease and oil to settle out before the waste reaches the drain field. However, grease traps require regular pumping to avoid being blocked.

Even if your business doesn’t handle food, it may still require some additional components. For example, laundromats often require a special trap to collect lint. They also must be able to handle the large volume of water that will be discharged regularly by the laundromat’s multiple washing machines.

Commercial Septic System Maintenance

When a commercial septic system fails, the cost of repairs and environmental cleanup can be staggering. This is why it’s important that the system is correctly installed and that it’s the correct system for your business. You also need to understand how often the system needs to be serviced and cleaned and make certain this schedule is followed.

Abracadabra Septic and Pumping. LP offers affordable and dependable commercial septic systems for businesses near Cypress, Texas and Magnolia, Texas that are unable to access the city or municipal sewage system due to their location. Contact us today at 832-777-7540 or 866-611-2661 with your questions or to request a quote.