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Residential Septic System

If your home in Cypress, Texas or Magnolia, Texas or any county surrounding Houston is not connected to the city sewer system, you will need to have a residential septic system to handle your waste. Residential septic systems are fairly common in some areas, and other than routine cleaning and maintenance, they require very little upkeep on the part of the homeowner.

Components of a Residential Septic System

A standard resident septic system includes four parts:

  1. The septic tank
  2. A pipe connecting the tank to your home
  3. A drain field
  4. The soil surrounding the drain field

The septic tank is the main component of a residential septic system. This watertight tank is usually made out of concrete, plastic, or fiberglass. It’s buried in your yard and contains the solid waste that’s removed from your home via pipe. This includes all the waste that goes down any sort of drain. The solid waste settles in the tank, creating sludge, while the liquid waste like oil and grease float to the top. Some of this solid material will break down and be removed from the tank, while some will settle and be stored until the tank is cleaned. A special outlet traps the sludge and scum in the tank while the wastewater is able to exit to the drain fields.

The drain field consists of a number of pipes. Here, wastewater continues to be treated. It drains into the soil surrounding the pipes, which finishes the treatment by removing bacteria and other harmful things.


A poorly maintained system can lead to the buildup of solids inside the tank, which both reduces its efficiency and can lead to a rupture. If too much water waste is pushed into the drain field, it can either flood the ground or cause the entire system to backup. Both can be costly to repair since it can involve digging up the entire drain field.

Installing a System

If you need a residential septic system installed in either Cypress, Texas or Magnolia, Texas, contact Abracadabra Septic and Pumping, LP at 832-777-7540 or 888-205-4310 for more details or for a quote.