Repair and Service of Septic Systems | Cypress and Magnolia, Texas

Repair and Service of Septic Systems

Do you need someone to handle repairs and service your septic system in the Cypress, Texas or Magnolia, Texas and all cities surrounding Houston areas? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Abracadabra Septic and Pumping, LP offers affordable and dependable septic system repairs and service. While properly maintained septic systems can last for decades, like all things, they do need repairs and service now and then. This service generally comes in the form of septic tank pumping and septic jetting, which involves clearing the septic lines of waste buildup.

Providing Service to Septic Systems

Your septic system needs to be serviced every few years. How often it needs maintenance depends on the size of your tank, how many people use your system and how much waste and wastewater goes through your system on a daily basis. Septic Systems that get more use will need more regular service. The most common septic service is to have your tank pumped. This involves draining out the scum and sludge that has accumulated in the tank.

Another form of septic service is jetting. Like the tank, pipes can accumulate sludge as well. This sludge can eventually block the pipe, causing a system backup. Jetting can be done at the same time as your tank is pumped so you don’t have to dig up your yard twice.

What to Expect from Septic System Repair and Service

It will take several hours to service your septic system, depending on the size of your tank, how much digging is required and the state of your system. It will help if you know the location of your tank, where the distribution box is (for jetting), and whether your tank is a single-chamber or dual-chamber tank. You can also speed up the process by digging up the tank lids yourself.

Repairing Tanks

If your system has backed up, or if it’s an older system that has been in use for years, you may need some minor repairs made to your system. These repairs may involve digging up the entire tank, all of the pipes or the drain field. The time it takes to make these repairs varies depending on what is needed.

Abracadabra Septic and Pumping, LP can handle all of your repairs and service for your septic system in the Cypress, Texas and Magnolia, Texas areas. Call 832-777-7540 and 866-611-2661 today for a quote.